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Get information about your insurance coverage

Health insurance plans are very different in their coverage.

By filling out this form, we will be able to verify:


  • That Prana Hands Acupuncture Lounge Practitioners are In Network providers with your insurance plan

  • If your deductible can be waived

  • How many treatments you are entitled to per year (calendar or start date)

  • What is your co-pay amount

  • If there are any restrictions on treatment in your policy.


Our billing company will only get copies of this information and will do their best to research your information and email Prana Hands Acupuncture Lounge within 2 business days.


Prana Hands Acupuncture Lounge will contact you with the details and answer any questions.

Please, fill the form bellow.

Insurance Form

*Please enter the Member Service phone number on the back of the insurance card. It helps billing contact the right department when verifying your insurance.

Questions/ Comments please, contact:

Thanks for submitting!


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